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By: Morgan Sheehan


A new gym in Westfield. Team Link is expanding. Today Team Link gets the keys to the future location of the new Westfield Team Link gym. Located at 10-16 Main Street on Center Square in Westfield and with nearly 5000 square feet on the first floor, the old bank building has more than enough room for Cardio Kickboxing, kids’ classes and a full BJJ program. It will take Master Marco and his team a few months to get the new location up and running, but we’ll keep you updated about the grand opening.

By: Morgan Sheehan


Congratulations to Cliff Wright and Sam Colenback on their matches at Mohegan Sun this Saturday June 11th! Colenback faced Tim McLinden, from New England United, at 150 lbs blue belt. Both grapplers showed excellent effort. The match ended in a draw with no submissions on either side. Wright faced Danny Sayer, from Burgess MAA, at 215 lbs purple belt. Wright won the match an Ezekiel choke from mount in under two minutes. Team Link athletes are regularly featured at Reality Fighting events in the Mohegan Sun Arena and always have enthusiastic team support from the audience. 75 teammates drove down to Mohegan Sun to cheer on Wright and Colenback. We can’t wait to go back and watch more Team Link competitors dominate the arena.

By Morhan Sheehan


This Monday June 11th over 40 students attended the white belt promotion test at the Northampton Team Link. Congratulations to everyone who received a stripe. We’re proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. If you weren’t able to make the test this June you have time to prepare for the stripe and belt test this December. This year, we hope to be able to return to having our belt test at the Ludlow Team Link.

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