Located right in the Heart of the Pioneer Valley you can find an engaging way to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. At Team Link Northampton there is a community of people dedicated to helping each other succeed. Whether you have no athletic experience or athleticism or you're a world-class athlete, our doors are open and prepared to suit your needs.

Are you looking to stay in shape and fit a session or two in your weekly schedule? Do you find yourself bored at the gym when you began with motivation? Is it tough for you to even find the motivation to "work out"? Enjoy a day around our support system and experience an environment like no other!

Under our roof in Northampton, Massachusetts lies a group of Martial Arts Champions, lifelong practitioners, and newcomers alike. Book a no obligation FREE TRIAL class or start your FREE WEEK Today!

#TogetherWeAreStronger #TeamLink

"Cutchins Programs for Children & Families Inc. is proud to present our 3rd Annual Superhero Run- 10K Run, 5K Walk/Run. This community event is an exciting celebration of our programs: bringing awareness about the impact of trauma and mental health struggles on children and adolescents in our community, while promoting physical health!"

Kicking off our fall competition training, Team Link Northampton students gathered to run for an amazing cause. 10 of our competitors enjoyed cider donuts, superhero costumes, and a great day overall for a run and supportive collaboration.

Our Team did an amazing job with several of our students placing in their respective divisions! Medals include a Gold by Aiden Soukup, Member of our Teen BJJ Program and son of Jason Soukup, BJJ Blue Belt who also placed 3rd in his division!

THE SHOW OF THE DAY had to be 4 Stripe BJJ White belt Frederic Seigel taking 3rd in his division in the 10k… WHILE PUSHING HIS SON IN A STROLLER!!!

Our BJJ Coach Jeileen Alvarez also placed 3rd in her 5k division.

All the athletes above primarily train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to stay in shape, their performances show a small glimpse of the condition you may happen to be in while learning and having fun with our amazing community!

Come try a FREE WEEK and See For Yourself!

#TogetherWeAreStronger #TeamLink

Team Link BJJ Brown Belt, IBJJF American National Champion, our very own BJJ Instructor Gary Alvarez Jr heads to our Glastonbury, CT location on October 14th 2019 for the first of a two-part BJJ Seminar! The first installment will be in the GI and the second will be NoGI at a later date. Having experience in both gi and nogi competition, along with over six years of refereeing BJJ Competitions, Coach Gary looks to show his most battle-tested techniques in this 90 minute installment. Team Link Northampton has had several students start with zero prior experience and win high level BJJ competitions in less than 6 months of training. You're sure to walk away from this seminar with something you can plug into your game immediately. From Show The Art Finishers Sub Only Invitational and IBJJF NoGI Pans to training BJJ in Brazil and competing at the IBJJF World Championships in California and Las Vegas, Coach Gary is well equipped with the experience to answer a variety of technical and conceptual questions-> clarity for all!

Can't make it to the seminar? Start your FREE WEEK at Team Link Northampton and catch a class with Coach Gary and our excellent stable of coaches during our REGULAR SCHEDULE!

#TogetherWeAreStronger #TeamLink

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