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BJJ No Gi program growing at Team Link Northampton

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is traditionally practiced using a martial arts uniform referred to as a "Gi" or "Kimono". The uniform provides a cornucopia of benefits that range from hygiene to physics and much more. When training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu without the uniform, it is referred to as "NoGI" and participants wear shorts and an athletic shirt called a rashguard.  

NoGI training is an excellent compliment to traditional Gi training and provides an abbreviated dimension that allows for focus on specific grappling nuances. 

Tuesdays at 6pm you can find multiple IBJJF NoGI Pans Champions and Medalists, NoGI SubOnly Champions, nurses, lawyers, postworkers, college students, and so much more; training under one roof, safely to improve each other at Team Link Northampton. There is no experience or athletic ability required to begin. 

Come check out a NoGI class today or start a FREE WEEK with our unparalleled support system right here in the Pioneer Valley! #TogetherWeAreStronger #TeamLink  

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