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Four days per week our MMA Cardio training gathers beginner and expert level athletes for focused, controlled, safe, fun training at Team Link Northampton! Thai pads, focus mitts, Kicking pads, heavy bags, long thai bags, medicine balls, yoga balls, resistance bands, you name it! Our class is fun and interactive plus educational for beginners as they learn to coordinate themselves and train safely! If your goal is to train one or two times per week, or come to all of our sessions, our diverse team of experienced coaches will help you meet your goals!

MMA Cardio Coaches

-> Tom Gomes (Owner/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion/Formal striking training with Renowned MMA Coach Marco Alvan and Coach of World and National Muay Thai Champion Fighters, Kru Ibere Reis)

-> Jeileen Alvarez (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion/Formal training under Brent Whitley[Whitley's Boxing], Coach Marco Alvan, Kru Ibere Reis, and Coach Gary Alvarez Jr)

->Gary Alvarez Jr (Owner/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion/Formal training under Whitley's Boxing, Kru Ibere Reis, World Muay Thai Champion Cosmo Alexandre, and Coach Marco Alvan)

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