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Team Link Noho Competition Highlights: Grappling Industries CT - Round Robin

Grappling Industries - Round Robin Tournament

Jan 19, 2019 at the Connecticut PowerFit Expo - Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, Conn.

Kalju Lee

Division: Gi / Blue Belt / Masters / < 145 lbs

Three Gi matches: Loss by points; Win via armbar; Win via kimura

After an initial loss, Kalju came back strong in his second match pulling guard straight into a guillotine attempt then staying on offense until nailing an inverted armbar 1:30 minutes in. He finished off the final match in exactly 1 minute with a kimura from closed guard, winning a gold medal in his first competition at blue belt.

Nate Garland Silver Medal

Matt Conte

Division: Gi / White Belt / Masters / < 155 lbs

Two Gi matches: Loss via triangle; Loss by points

Coming into the competition with a rib injury, Matt had a solid fight, blocking his opponent from scoring and defending a locked in triangle choke for nearly a minute before ending the first match, and scoring a sweet half-guard sweep early in the second match.

Nate Garland

Division: Gi / White Belt / Adult / < 155 lbs

Five Gi matches: Three wins by points; Win via forfeit; Forfeit due to injury

Nate dominated in his second-ever BJJ competition, racking up 18 points in his first match and nailing a sweep into mount for the win in his second match. Despite having to withdraw from the tie-breaker finals due to injury, Nate walked away with the second-place silver medal in his 12-person bracket.

Suzanne Grubb

Division: Gi / Blue Belt / Adult / < 150 lbs

Two Gi matches: Loss by points; Loss via lapel choke

Suzanne tested out some new takedown techniques and made a valiant effort at escaping her opponent’s side control, but wasn’t quite able to score points in the first round. She lost the second match to a spectacular omoplata-lapel choke double-attack.

Rachael Lee

Division: Gi / White Belt / Masters / < 150/165 lbs (combined weight bracket)

Division: No Gi / Beginner / Adult / < 150 lbs

Three Gi matches: Two losses by points; Win by points

No Gi division: Win via forfeit

Competing one weight class up in a combined bracket, Rachael kept up a sold defense blocking several quick throw, sweep and armbar attempts from her opponents for a narrow loss. In her third and final match, she played a great standup game got a takedown for the win.

Erica Light

Division: Gi / White Belt / Adult / < 150/165 lbs (combined weight bracket)

Division: No Gi / Beginner / Adult / 165+ lbs (combined weight bracket)

Three Gi matches: Two wins by points, Loss by points

Two No Gi matches: Loss by points; Loss by decision

Erica killed it in her first ever BJJ tournament after only five months of training. She crushed her way through the Gi bracket, earning a bronze medal. In the No Gi division, Erica held her own against a super-heavyweight blue belt, then went head-to-head against a college wrestler shaking off three standing guillotine attempts to end the match with a 0-0 tie score.

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